Artist Links

Tom Wilson is a multiple Juno award-winning musician and a highly accomplished artist. His songs have been performed by a growing list of artists and collaborators, including Sarah McLachlan, Lucinda Williams, Mavis Staples, Colin James, Stephen Fearing, Adam Gregory, Billy Ray Cyrus, Craig Northey, David Ricketts and Edwin. Tom collaborated with Lynne on her first book, The Mighty Moon King. Visit Tom’s websites at :

Sean Thomson is an artist, musician, a poet, and a father. Using digital filters and enhancements, Sean lent his graphics expertise to the pages of Meatball Love and the Spaghetti Tree.




Joan Krygsman is a visual artist from Dundas, Ontario. Trained at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Joan works in acrylic, ink, collage and pixels. Along with regular gallery shows, her designs are showcased at annual festivals across Ontario. Joan’s work can be viewed at :



Brian Siegel is the editor and layout designer for Lynne Kittredge-Fox’s series of children’s books. He also lends his guitar and singing voice to the book readings. Having been close friends with Lynne since high school, Brian is proud to be participating in such great projects with her.



“Pailface” Brad Hails is a musician and multimedia specialist who lives in Burlington, Ontario. He is a regular performer at restaurants and bars in the Burlington area and plays at major festivals all across Ontario. Brad is also a well-known supporter of charitable causes and donates his time and music to raise funds for health issues. A talented designer as well, Brad is the creator of the original Mighty Moon King website. See all of Brad’s projects at: and