Lynne Kittredge-FoxAbout Lynne

Lynne Kittredge-Fox is a creative writer who draws inspiration from those things she loves the most: children, music, and nature. A life-long resident of Dundas, Ontario, Lynne runs a successful daycare where storytelling plays an important role. It is while working with the children that Lynne was first inspired to write her first story, collaborating with Canadian artist and musician Tom Wilson for the children’s book The Mighty Moon King.

After the success of The Mighty Moon King, Lynne put pen to paper again to write Meatball Love and the Spaghetti Tree, and The Jungle Valley Jamboree. Lynne is excited to have more projects on the go, with plans set for at least three more books. A second installment with Tom Wilson as artist, entitled “The Grand Abyss Princess” is slated for a fall 2012 release.

Lynne is a proud supporter of childhood literacy, and in addition to her many public readings, she has donated scores of books to local schools, hospitals and libraries. She is also extremely excited to be part of the Telling Tales Festival, an award winning family literary festival held at Westfield Heritage Village in Rockton, Ontario.

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